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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[Mary's Motivational Message] Girl Friend Appreciation Month

There is a beautiful foundation of love and power that exist in women extending support to each other. 

When I hear women speak in a negative tone about our inability as women to maintain healthy, trusting and loving friendships I cringe. How many times have you heard these perspectives stated as facts: You can't trust women, you are just better off keeping to yourself, all women do is gossip and keep up foolishness and if they are being nice they must want something.

Sadly, so many of us (Men and Women) have embraced and given life to the many negative images attached to women. Well, let me tell you about the beautiful women GOD has placed within my life: They represent various cultures and ethnicity's and they are full of LIFE. They love me and I them. They encourage me; motivate me and extend to me their wisdom. As a collective force we hold each other up…24/7.  We don't always agree but we agree to disagree. Most importantly, we have learned valuable life lessons from each other.

 Within my circle and it’s rather large, relationships have existed for over fifteen years and several since high school. And when we met there was one common denominator, there was this instant connection. There was no doubt or fear; a level of comfort existed. Have you ever met someone and immediately you felt as though you had known them for a lifetime? I believe in "SOUL MATE FRIENDS". What I'm saying to you is, there has been no conflict, and no drama and no disrespect…just LOVE.

If you and the women in your life constantly: Argue, gossip, fight, disrespect each other, lack trust, dwell in utter confusion, envy each other and display jealousy and this is reflected in all of your relationships; stop blaming and ask yourself, "why am I attracting such dysfunction" and why am I maintaining it within my life."
For those of you blessed with beautiful friends understand that this is a blessing and let them know how much you LOVE and APPRECIATE them. It is GOD'S expectation that we treat each other with LOVE, KINDNESS and RESPECT. I strongly hold the belief that we learn our greatest life lessons from each other while being an example of HIS LOVE.

I know that you are extremely busy however as you journey through this special month set aside time to reflect on the special women placed within your life. And as you reflect, find your phone book and dust it off or send a text message or perhaps an email.  How you chose to connect is not important, just commit to making the connections happen. Tomorrow is not promised and with that truth in mind, stay connected with the special women GOD has placed within your life.

Enjoy this very special month,                                                                                                       
Love, Peace and Joy,


Author Mary E. Gilder is the author of the award winning novel, A Misrepresentation of Myself and her upcoming release, Even a Man can Have a Broken Heart. Mary is available for speaking engagements and can be contacted at or at Visit her website at: 

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