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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Step Into Your Vision

by Cyrus Webb

Last year I was introduced to a book called STEP INTO YOUR VISION (Komera Press) that features business leaders and their goal-setting secrets. Author and friend Zenaida Roy-Almario was one of the contributors, and through the book readers are able to see what it takes to be able to take a vision all the way to being a reality.

I'm reminded of individuals around this world that are living without passion, without purpose and are without direction. Because of that I wanted to share some of the tips from STEP INTO YOUR VISION that I think will help you to take the steps necessary to improve your outlook on life.

Kenneth Teninty shares this: "Whatever you desire in your life will happen, as long as you believe it and take the right actions towards achieving it." (p.109)

The right you. The right knowledge. The right vehicle.  Ramesh Kumar, MD says this: "You need to ask yourself, 'Why do I want this level of success?' Unless you have a big 'why,' you will get stuck. 'Why' needs to be inspirational, deeply rooted, passionate. It needs to be about the people---that is the fuel for your jet. This propels your ideas and passion forward." (p.31)

When you decide in your heart it's time to change, take courageous action from a place of faith and love; God will direct your steps. Debra Jones says "In order to be true to yourself, your beliefs need to reflect your values and be congruent with your divine purpose. Stepping into your greatness takes courage; it can be a tough battle to break free from your old habits, patterns, beliefs and lifestyle." (p.80,81)

In her chapter STARS OF DREAMS Zenaida Roy-Almario shares the BRAGN secrets to successful goal setting and achieving: 1)Be a big dreamer. 2) Resonate the passion. 3)Act, creating stepping stones. 4)Get intentional results. 5)Nurture your belief. She writes this: "A dream is something you hope, desire and long for, that is usually perceived as difficult in nature or making come true. If you are not actively pursuing your hopes and dreams, it is because you have not been given the permission slip to have a definite purpose in life nor have you been informed of the BRAGN secrets to successful goal setting and achieving. " (p.144)

So are you ready to step out and take the steps necessary to be the person you were always meant to be? If so, then this book is sure to motivate in that direction.

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  1. Thank you Conversations Magazine and Cyrus Webb for this honorable mention on the cover and the article! Always in Gratitude! Z :)Zenaida Roy-Almario. (to purchase autographed copies please visit THANK YOU again Cyrus!