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Sunday, August 31, 2014

[Review] Kristen Moeller's WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

What I am waiting for?

It is a question we have all undoubtedly asked ourselves at some point.

Maybe it has to do with going after something that we say we want or moving to a new level in pursuing our passion. For Kristen Moeller the question forced her to do a self-examination of the good, the bad and the unknown, and what she has learned is now being shared with us in the book WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

After losing her dream home and all her worldly possessions to a raging and sudden wildfire that killed three people and demolished twenty-one homes, Moeller dove into an exploration of our cultural discomfort with grief, the existence of God, finding humor in the midst of tragedy - and what it means to be a human being with all our fabulousness as well as frailties.

I approached this book with some nervous excitement, mainly because I like others want to know the answer but then realize this will force upon me the need to do the work necessary to get what I want. Kristen went through degrees of loss in her life and afterwards found herself wondering what was really important. Sometimes we have to go through the fire (literally for some) in order to realize what is left behind, what have we chosen to carry with us and more importantly what are we going to do with ourselves now. Kristen helps us to understand the importance of not just being in the moment but embracing all the little things that it brings because those times and experiences will never come again.

This doesn't mean that we should live life in wait of the 'other shoe to drop', but we should always be mindful that what we have right now---this very moment---is unique and special, and so is what we choose to do with it.

Kristen encourages the reader to stop looking for the "perfect" time and instead focus on making the most of the time and moment we have right now. Using her own experiences and "Gentle Knocks" through the book for us to do self-reflections, she gives us everything we will need to move forward, making the leap that can result in our being present every day of our life.

Poignant and powerful, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? prepares us for the work necessary to rise to the occasion of our lives.

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