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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Actress Jeryl Prescott: Enjoying the 'Small Miracle' of Living Out Her Dreams

by Cyrus Webb

Over the past 3 years I have had a chance to share conversations with Jeryl Prescott, an actress that became known to me through The Walking Dead and has gone on to make a name for herself in projects like BET's Rebel, Scandal and even her own project called STAND DOWN SOLDIER.

I had a chance to sit down with Jeryl in person twice and discuss what it's been like for her to slip into the skin of various characters, sharing some amazing stories along the way and producing her own content. "Every time I get a job as an actress I consider it a small miracle," she told me. Her desire to act came from her roots in the church.  "The church is where I learned to play the piano and find the confidence to speak in front of a crowd and take a bigger leadership role," she says. "That gave me the confidence and the interest in being on stage and having something to say. That's how I began to see myself as an actress."

She went to college and did theater, but even though she saw herself doing more, Jeryl experienced what so many do when it comes to pursuing their goals and dreams: the individuals who told her what wasn't going to be possible for her.  "Nonetheless I've been able to find a variety of roles to play," she says. "It's suggestive of the need for diversity and a appreciation of diversity." Realizing the conversations taking place about the roles of women---and especially women of color---Jeryl added. "It's suggestive of we are everything. We have always met challenges and create spaces for ourselves. Every profession will offer certain challenges. You have to go into it with a positive attitude and the belief that God put you there for something and move forward."

Talking about The Birth of a Nation, Jeryl says "It is a powerful project, and I am so grateful to Nate Parker. Nate Parker is an amazingly generous and bold director/producer/writer. I have an amazing amount of anticipation about the journey of this film."

Jeryl's journey continues with not just exciting projects but the relationships she is forging along the way. Whether discussing the talented cast of The Birth of a Nation or The Walking Dead, she says "There's an immortality that comes with all acting. The fans hold on to you and never let you go. The friendships that I developed have been real." Speaking of The Walking Dead in particular she says this: "The show will never die, because it constantly asks us to search inside of ourselves. It's a constant universal questioning."

During our last conversation on Conversations LIVE the radio show Jeryl was preparing for the release of STAND DOWN SOLDIER, a project that she produced that was on it's way to television. "You continue to pray, create, make connections and speak it into reality as much as you can. It's wonderful when you see things actually materialized," she told me when referring to what had happened in 2017.

As she prepares for what's next, Jeryl continues to enjoy the 'small miracle' that is her career and invites you to stay connected with her on Twitter and Instagram at /therealjeryl.

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