Monday, August 19, 2019

Actor Michael Welch: Enjoying Work and Life Each and Every Day

by Cyrus Webb

It has been my pleasure to not just call actor Michael Welch a regular guest on Conversations LIVE but a friend as well. He has always been open with me on the air and off, so of course as I was preparing the anniversary issue of the magazine he had to be included.

2019 has been great year for both of us. In this interview we talked about the journey and how he got here---and appreciating all that has come along the way. 

Michael, thanks for the time. What has it been like for you to see the way that this year started off for you?
It's been really amazing, man. I've been plugging away at this for over 21 years. It's funny, at the end of last year I kind of got a feeling that this was gonna be a good year for me. I just had a sense that things were going to start picking up.

I got a good life. I'm settling in with my baby and my new life. I feel good creatively, and I've built up all these relationships. The key to all of this is persistence, more than anything else. It's been really incredible. I'm very grateful. 

What I love about your life and your journey and even what you just shared is because it is really the epitome of what I tell people all the time. It's really about putting in the work, keeping your head down, doing your best, and then things just show up for you because you kind of set that record. Do you think that is the key to why you had that feeling in 2018? 
Yeah! I think that has a lot to do with it. I remember Russell Crowe gave an interview many years ago where he basically said, listen, I don't think I'm any good at this. Which is what forces me to work so hard at it. And the interviewer was saying to him is that actually true. Russell goes well I know if I didn't put in that work, it wouldn't result in whatever it is you guys are seeing. The stories you always hear are the overnight success stories.

The reason you hear those stories is because they're the exception, not the rule. That's quite literally one in a million. So for the rest of us we got to work. There's just no other way around it.

You've been able to work with some amazing producers and directors. What does that experience mean to you, especially looking at this year and what you've been doing?
Yeah, it's it's been great. I've been lucky enough to be able to cultivate some really great relationships over the years. You know, it's funny. As a younger person, you just don't have the perspective to understand how important stuff like this is. I never really took stock in or inventory in that before. Know I know the importance of building those relationships, knowing who the casting directors are and staying in touch with producers. In retrospect I wish I had done more of that.

What would your advice be for those who are looking to you as an example?
People always ask me what's advice for young actors. I say to them leave a good feeling for people to have about you when you leave for the day. It's really all about relationships. I would say most of my jobs in the last couple years had to do with people that either had known or worked with or had seen my work or it's a connection of a connection. Always make the most of that time you have. It goes a long way.

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