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Thursday, January 19, 2017

[Article] "The Book I Didn't Want to Read But Had to Share" by Cyrus Webb

by Cyrus Webb

Each year I easily read 200 books or more of various topics either for my own reading enjoyment or because of individuals coming on the radio show Conversations LIVE. Over the years I have gotten comfortable enough in myself that I decide quite easily who I choose to feature and whose book I will take the time to read and share with my growing audience. I understand the responsibility that comes with the platform that I have, and so I do the best I can to share things that are entertaining, thoughtful and will be great conversation pieces with others.

Bestselling author Tony Lindsay is someone who over the past decade I have come to look forward to reading every time he releases a book. His fiction has always taken the reader to places we're not used to going and his non-fiction has been poignant enough to make readers reflect. In 2016, however, he announced the release of his latest offering ACORNS IN A SKILLET: Stories of Racecraft in America. Now anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that conversations about race are not the norm for me. Not because I think they shouldn't be discussed but it normally happens in situations where the individual's personal experiences and passion lead the discussion rather than individuals actually trying to connect with one another over what is being said.

For this reason when I first got the book in the mail I read the back of the book and that was as far as it went. What was Tony wanting to achieve with this collection of stories dealing with race? Was it something I would feel comfortable discussing? Would I enjoy enjoy the book and his direction? All of these were questions I pondered, and because of the thought of what it could be I neglected reading the book for months.

In hindsight I realize that my reaction to the very fact that Tony Lindsay---someone I respect---had written a book dealing with race is exactly part of the problem that exists. The truth be told I didn't even give it a chance to speak for itself. I had made a decision based on what I THOUGHT it MIGHT be about rather considering what it actually was.

Now that I have read the book I can say that it is something that not only deserves my attention but has to be shared. What he has done is laid out situations that are all too real based on perception, bias and the idea that we can't understand or appreciate someone who is different than us.

Take a look at my Amazon review here and then I invite you to try ACORNS IN A SKILLET for yourself. I think you might find as I did that it time well-spent with a book.

Cyrus Webb is the host of Conversations LIVE radio show and the Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine. He can be reached at cawebb4(at)juno(dot)com or at

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