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Friday, January 27, 2017

[REVIEW] Singer Jake Worthington's Newest Reminds Us to Cherish What We Love

Since appearing on The Voice and garnering fans around the world, recording artist Jake Worthington has kept Country Music lovers satisfied with music from his self-titled EP including songs like DON'T LET THE REDNECK FOOL YA and JUST KEEP FALLING IN LOVE as well as 2016's HOW DO YOU HONKY TONK.

Now with the new year in full swing he releases his single A LOT OF ROOM TO TALK (out now)---and it is sure to be another song that we keep talking about.

Unlike some of the music he is known for, Worthington takes on the darker side of relationships that don't work out---and gives voice to the one who messed up and is dealing with the consequences.

"There's an echo in this room," he sings, "that just won't let me be." What he hears is "all the angry words" he spoke to the woman he said he loves, and now he's understanding the power they had. "I can hear them in the halls. They're bouncing off the wall... Can't believe it's come to this, all this emptiness."

The realization is setting in. "I should have listened more to her," he admits. "I guess I got what I deserved. I sure do hear her now." And then there are the questions we all ask when we realize our part: "What good is pride now that she's gone? When did our house stop being home?" With us being alone, we realize as the song says "Now there's too many 'what ifs', opportunities I missed and a lot of room to talk."

I have to be honest and say that I can play this single easily on repeat, and I know I won't be the only one. The story it tells is one that reminds us to cherish what we love before it's too late. "I always thought she'd be around," the song admits, "never planned on missing her."  Maybe we will do as Jake sings and "look into the past and learn from my mistakes." Maybe we'll get the opportunity to "admit it when I'm wrong." In this case it doesn't seem to be enough so he says he'll "find the strength and move on." His hope? That he'll "grow from this but for now there's emptiness and a lot of room to talk."

Get ready for another song that will be a favorite on your playlist. A LOT OF ROOM TO TALK is sure to be one you continue to play through the year.

Listen to a snippet of A LOT OF ROOM TO TALK and get it for yourself on here.

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  1. "A Lot of Room To Talk" was co-written by Ronny Vines and me Ron Young. Jake does a fantastic job of bringing our "lived" words. Thanks for printing them, in part, and for liking this song.