Sunday, July 28, 2019

[Book Chat] Author Deliah "Dee" Lawrence Returns with GOTTA GET IT BACK

by Cyrus Webb

It's hard to believe that before 2018's radio interview with award-winning author Deliah "Dee" Lawrence we hadn't talked books on the air for 5 years. The author who brought us GOTTA LET IT GO has returned with GOTTA GET IT BACK. Though it continues the story in many ways of the characters we got to know in her debut, this is definitely a book that readers can begin with and get a full story.

When I asked her about the response to the new book Dee gives the credit to her fans. "I have to say I have some very loyal readers and appreciate the love and support they have given me over the years," she told me.

Though we are able to meet some familiar characters with the new book and get introduced to new ones, writing a sequel wasn't something that Dee initially had in mind.

"When I wrote GOTTA LET IT GO I thought it was a one-off," she admits. Her plan was to "move on" to another creative project. Then she started hearing from her fans. "It was the clamoring of my readers that pushed me into saying definitely there is growth that the character could expand into something else," she says. "That's what prompted me to develop a series. It just took a life of its own. You'll see Deidre grow and get into some very sticky spots."

That is definitely the case with GOTTA GET IT BACK as we are able to literally travel with the main characters since it's written in first person. "When you write in first person it's more personal," Dee explains. "You're right there in the character's head. I wanted to be so close and tethered to my character, forcing the reader to be in each and every one of those scenes." She went on to tell me that "grabs the reader and places you right front and center with the character."

Dee is quick to remind readers that her main character Deidre is not her, but the two definitely can feed off of each other. I asked Dee if she shares her character's curiosity. "I think I do in some respects," she told me. "She can at times be larger than life, but she's human. She's very passionate about things. Friends that know me will say the same about me. I can see through her eyes. She's very driven in the pursuit of justice. In that regard I'm one with her."

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