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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Jonathan E. Hickory's BREAK EVERY CHAIN is a "Message for Hurting Hearts"

by Cyrus Webb

After reading Jonathan E. Hickory's book BREAK EVERY CHAIN it's hard not to get the appreciation he has for life and what is possible for him after all he has endured and overcome.

The book takes you into his lows, the highs and the reflection of life, what really matters and how by facing your demons you are able to achieve the impossible. Hickory didn't do this on his own, and that is where the appreciation also shows itself. He is able to reflect on the fact that his Heavenly Father was there to lead the way, pick him up when he fell and to offer forgiveness and mercy as needed. What great lessons for all of us.

We all have gone through situations where we felt "bound" by sin or by our challenges. What a great reminder this book is that we can break out of the captivity we are in and live a life that is full of happiness and shows others what they can overcome.

I had a chance to talk with Jonathan on Conversations LIVE the radio show about the book. When I asked him what it's been like to reflect on his life today he told me "The best word is redeemed. I had a very tough childhood,  losing my father at the age of 12. I started to harbor a lot of anger and sadness in my heart, and it stayed with me.

"When I became a police officer at the age of 23 a few years into it I started to see the violence, death and the brokenness of man firsthand, and I wasn't prepared for it." Jonathan told me that at the time he wasn't walking with God in any capacity, and what he was seeing and experiencing took a toll on his soul and his heart.

"It led to alcoholism and deep depression," he says. "Ultimately it led me to a point where there was a battle for my soul going on, and I had to choose." Jonathan chose to live and to turn to God for help.

"My life began to change," he told me. "It was like a new light was shining within me. It changed who I am and how I look at the world and how I treat others. how much I love others. It's been really freeing. God has restored my life and the life of my family."

When I asked him was it easy to chronicle the journey in a book, he said not at all--but it was necessary. "I believe very strongly that I was called to write this book," he says. "It's a inspirational story of hope that will be a message for hurting hearts."

One of the powerful things that Jonathan deals with in his life and the book is timing. For many people when a prayer goes unanswered or something doesn't happen when they want, they are quick to throw in the towel. "So many people when they are faced with the Nos in their life they want to give up and fall into despair and pursue something else," he said to me. "If you believe that God is in control you need to give it over to him. Everything happens in God's timing. It's not always up to us."

This lesson is just one of those that Jonathan has learned, and now we can benefit from the lessons and the healing he has experienced. Written with honesty, humility and appreciation, BREAK EVERY CHAIN is sure to inspire.

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