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Friday, July 26, 2019

[Book Chat] Kneika Robbins: No Longer 'Speechless', Using Her Voice For Good

by Cyrus Webb

It goes without saying that all of us have a voice, but realizing that and using it to help others is not always an easy task. Kneika Robbins is an author and poet I have had the pleasure of working with this year, sharing the messages she has given the world through her children's book and her book of poetry called SPEECHLESS. The name of the poetry book is powerful to me, because it describes how so many people feel, and how the author at one time felt.

I asked her during our interview on Conversations LIVE the radio show what it's been like to see how people have responded to her children's book DEAN THE DINOSAUR GOES TO KINDERGARTEN and her book SPEECHLESS. "It's been very rewarding," she told me. "I work with lots of ages, so my being able to reach all those age groups has been very good."

When it comes to sharing her voice with the world that has been a journey for Kneika. "When I first started out when I was younger I was quiet and shy," she shares. "I had a lot of thoughts, but never really expressed them verbally. When I started writing that helped me to get more comfortable expressing myself."

One of the things Kneika does is use her social media to share inspiring messages, many of them about the importance of embracing your power. "I think we all are guilty of letting people decide our choices for us," she says when I asked about having the courage to express yourself. "You have to get to a point in time when you realize who you are."

Tackling topics that all of us can relate to, author/poet Kneika Robbin's book SPEECHLESS is a combination of her sharing her unique perspective on life, love, betrayal and all the things that matter in the world.

Part poetry mixed with commentary she is able to allow us to see the dark sides that exist in the world but also remind us of the light and how we can be a part of the solution instead of adding to the problem. Standouts in the book include TRIAL AND ERROR, BEAUTIFUL DAY, HATER TRIBUTE and PROTECTION PRAYER.

Regardless of where you find yourself in life this book will meet you there and take you further. For those who feel as though they have no voice Kneika reminds us that all of us have the power to be heard. There is no need to be SPEECHLESS.

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