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Saturday, October 16, 2021

SPOTLIGHT: Tracy Allen, CEO of Digital Marketing Supply

 by Cyrus Webb

I've known Tracy Allen for years, and it's been amazing to see how her passion for helping others build and grow has expanded over the years. When our mutual friend Shari Alyse (Creator and Co-Executive Producer of Heart to Heart) mentioned her to be our Producer on the talk show Heart to Heart I was excited about the opportunity to work with her in 2021. 

Tracy is a perfect example of why it is so important to never stop growing and learning. What she has built with Digital Marketing Supply and the other work she's involved with is truly inspiring. 

Enjoy this conversation. 

Tracy, glad to have the opportunity to feature you here. When did you discover your passion in life?

I'm still discovering "who I am," but when I think back to being a child and watching Bewitched's Darren Stevens work in the world of advertising, something about that seemed rather cool to me. I always liked art, and thought it would be nice to create ads for businesses.

What has it been like to use your passion in your professional career?

I love it when I create videos or images that make my clients happy! It takes me back to that child-like feeling of bringing your artwork home from school and your parents raved about how amazing it is! There's nothing like it. 

Fear is a dream killer for most people. How have you not allowed it to stop you along the way?

Fear is always present... Whether I move forward or backward, the fear is always lurking. I am MORE afraid of returning to work for someone as an employee than I am being free to work for myself. I continually learn more about who I am being self employed and knowing that whatever I could do for someone else to grow their business I can do for my own.

Coaching and sharing is a part of our work. How were you personally affected during the pandemic when it came to staying optimistic and moving forward?

I wanted to help more people overcome their fear of getting on camera, but it was difficult trying to get people to move forward. Most people that needed help didn't want to use the money they were dearly holding on to. So I did a lot of services for no charge. I had to hold onto the belief that it will all come back to me in other ways. Thankfully it has.

What are you looking forward to the rest of the year?

I want to continue doing what I love: serving my online community, creating videos that inspire others and definitely growing financially. I want to be like you! (laughs)

I appreciate that, Tracy.  And I appreciate you. Thanks so much for the time. How can our readers reach you?

My pleasure. They can reach me at or 

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