Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Actor/Producer Reggie Currelley: Enjoying the Marathon Towards His Goals and Dreams

 by Cyrus Webb

No matter what your career true success only comes with hard work, dedication and faith. Just ask actor/producer Reggie Currelley. I caught up with him earlier this year as we were celebrating our 10,000th guest on Conversations LIVE radio show. He was also celebrating being a part of a commercial that was broadcast around the world thanks to the Super Bowl. 

Many have gotten to know Reggie as Victor from the famed State Farm commercial, but one thing is for sure: that was only another milestone on his journey towards personal and professional success.

We talked about the journey and the focus it takes to make it in this inspiring conversation. 

Reggie, you've been on quite a journey for yourself.  Teamwork is very important, but bringing your own personal best is also important. How do you feel like bringing your best to everything that you do has helped your career?

Thank you for that. I think for me if I don't bring my best, I won't put out the best product; and I'll be cheating the world of the gifts that God gives me. So what I do is I put my best foot forward, everything else is going to fall into place. And when you do the work before you actually get the job, the job becomes easier. So that's the work that I do. I try to put in as much work as possible before I even get to set or wherever I'm going.

Have you gotten used to the, 'Hey you are that guy'? 

It's still fun and it's still amazing. You walk into a supermarket and someone goes, 'Hey, are you Victor from the she-shed commercial?'  And I say 'Yes, that's me.' It's still weird to get used to, but it's fun because people tell me I make their day. I'll keep going for the rest of my life if that's the case. I love it.

Did you always know it was going to be a marathon and not a sprint that this was not a, a success story that was going to happen overnight? 

I had an idea. I remember when I decided to come to Los Angeles to become an actor, some people in my neighborhood were like 'You're not going to get a job for 10 years.' So I prepared myself for that. When I got here, I noticed that it didn't come easy. I prepared myself for marathon. I was a sprinter in high school, so I'm used to running. So I just said to myself, 'You know what? I'm in it for the long haul.' I got some good shoes, and I was ready to go. 

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* Photo by Cameron Radice Photography

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