Thursday, October 28, 2021

12 Social Media Tips to Help Build Your Business and Brand


by Cyrus Webb

In 2021 it is impossible to NOT to see the impact and influence that social media has in connecting audiences and for networking. However, if you find it difficult to reach your potential customers or those in your niche it might be time to reevaluate your strategy for using social media. 

Over the past year I have hosted several classes where I have addressed my own social media strategy and success and how I have been able to grow my customer base as well as my rolodex throughout the pandemic. You can do the same!  

Here are 12 tips for building your brand and your business using social media to keep in mind: 

  1. Strategize. What is your goal? Is it to grow your audience and find potential clients and customers or to just establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Being clear of your plan will help you realize the best way to approach social media. 

  2. Who is your audience? This is connected closely to #1. In order for you to get the desired result you have to make sure you are speaking to your preferred audience. As an example, for authors you want to reach readers not necessarily fill your page with other authors who are also trying to get the word out about their books and programs. Unless your goal is just to use social media for networking, you have to be clear about who you are trying to attract with your posts.

  3. Decide on the right platforms for you. This is definitely a tip that has to be personal for you as an individual---and should be based on your comfort level. Depending on what kind of content you plan on sharing, make sure the platform is right for that and you can best use your strengths there. That will make sure that you don't see it as a burden to post. It will come more naturally. Which leads to the next couple of steps that are interconnected. 

  4. Stay updated and informed. Over the past year the main platforms that I use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube) have all gone through updates. Staying informed of the changes, tweaks and new features will allow you to maximize your time and get the best results. Make sure you keep your apps updated and following their social media pages so you stay in the loop.

  5. Provide value. Become a resource. Of course you want to sell whatever your product or service is. I get that. However, social media is meant to be SOCIAL. That means you have to have more to say then "buy my product", "click here to sign up for my newsletter," etc. Share what your know. That will let your audience know who you are, what you do and want to come back for me. 

  6. Consistency. It's great to start your journey to introducing yourself and connecting, but the mistake lots of individuals make is they don't continue! Yes, social media is something that takes time, especially if you're being thoughtful about the other steps. This doesn't mean, however, it has to be overwhelming. The important thing is to pick a general schedule that works for you and stick with it! Not only will your followers appreciate it, but new ones who might stumble over your page will know that you're someone who shows up on a regular basis. 

  7. Communicate. On social media the like, know and trust factors are even more important. That means the communication can't be one-sided. If someone leaves you a comment on your posts, acknowledge. Check your messages daily on your social media, including the spam folders just to make sure you don't miss anything. As you are trying to connect and grow you want to make sure your followers don't feel as though you are just talking at them and not to them. 

  8. Repurpose content. Wondering what to share on social media? Take advantage of the opportunity to repurpose your content. That means sharing posts across other platforms and shortening videos so that certain points or messages are made to stand out. Also just re-sharing content through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and help it get fresh eyes and more engagement. 

  9. Sale without being salesy. This one might seen difficult and even counter-productive, but it is so important. Do we want others to know what products and services we offer? Yes. Do we want to take advantage of opportunities to share discounts and opportunities we're offering? Of course. The important thing is to use that like, know and trust factor to connect with your audience and the benefit to THEM for what you have to offer.

  10. Don't leave the room: This tip is one that you really have to work on daily and is tied to consistency. You are building an audience. You are providing value. You are doing all the right things. The key, however, is to make sure you don't leave those who are following you stranded. I liken it to inviting people into your home and then leaving. Pretty soon they will stop relying on you, and you have lost the trust you worked hard to build. As you are navigating social media make sure you stay in the room and take care of those who have joined you. 

  11. Build (don't burn) bridges. I can't tell you how many times I have ran across some posts on social media and thought to myself the person was going to regret what they said or shared later. We have to remember the internet is written in INK, not pencil. Even if you delete a post there is no guarantee what you said hasn't been screenshot and shared already. The lesson is to realize that social media is for you to build bridges with your brand, not burn bridges. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it. 

  12. Be yourself. Of all the tips this one is the most important. Authenticity is key to your success, both online and offline. If you are able to let your audience see you and get to know you then I know you are going to win. 

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