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Saturday, October 16, 2021

[Inspiration] "Become Aware" by Mary Ellen Ciganovich

“Becoming Aware of yourself is painful. It is the first and most important step you must take to become who God intends you to be.” - Mary Ellen Ciganovich

If today were my last day on Earth this is one of the most important “life lessons” I would pass along. 

Before you achieve peace or happiness in your life you must become aware of yourself. This is never an easy task, as it is much easier to recognize the errors of others rather than take responsibility for your own errors. 

You must become aware of what you say and how you say it. The words you choose, your tone of voice, the expression in your face and eyes.

 You must become aware of what you do and how you do it. Always pay attention to details as these are the little things that will make a big difference. 

Honor your word and the promises you make by always keeping them. Be on time as this shows respect to others and it shows others you respect yourself. Learn proper manners and language as these are important parts of a civilized society. 

At the same time, stand up for yourself. Say, “yes” when you mean “yes” and “no” when you mean “no”. Never pay  attention to gossip as this type of talk is far away from the peace you seek.

 Honor yourself by taking time for yourself every day. It can be in a quiet setting of mediation, a walk, reading, exercise, going for a run, a massage, a manicure a pedicure or a gentle bubble bath while listening to music. Whatever works for you!

 Become aware of your motives, judgments and assumptions. Question anything you do with a motive behind it. Do things for others simply because it is the right thing to do and you want to do it. When you judge someone else, you are judging yourself. Ninety-nine percent all assumptions are false.

Become Aware of your fears because as The Bible says, “your fears will come to pass”, unless you drop them. This is not to hurt you; God works His plan to help you learn. So, learn and “let go” allowing God to work His plan.

Become Aware of what you focus on because, “what you focus on expands and what you think about happens “! Put your thoughts, choices and your focus on the life you want as if you already have it. Concentrate all your energies and choices toward creating the life you see in your mind. 

Become Aware of the goodness and love you have in your life. No one ever knows how long we have to be here on this beautiful planet. Appreciate everyone and everything in your life. The good and the bad because without rain we would never have the flowers. 

Most importantly help someone else to “Become Aware”. Do this gently and with kindness. It is always easier to see someone else’s faults. It is difficult to see your own! 

Wouldn’t it be a fantastic world if everyone would “Become Aware” of what they need to learn instead of projecting it on others! It truly is a wonderful world and we can ALL come together to Become Aware and make everything better. The view, your view, is how you perceive it ! 

Sincerely with love, 

Mary Ellen Ciganovich 

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