Saturday, July 9, 2011

Conversations' Model Citizen: Ingrid Ullrich

Conversations' Model Citizen: Ingrid Ullrich
Hometown: Pittsburgh PA
Current: Miami, Fl
Age: 23
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125

Interests: Dancing, Singing, Acting.

Ingrid in her own words: "I decided to model because I love being able to express myself through a single image. I have passion for life and what I do, and I try to bring that out in all of my work whether it be dancing, acting, singing, or modeling."

How do you stay inspired as you are pursuing your goals and dreams? I remind myself that each day is a privilege to be alive, not a right. Everyone has the power to succeed, it is just the matter of how bad you want something. I strive each day to better myself in everything I do and that to me is the greatest success of all.

What advice do you have for others that are looking forward to go after their own dreams?
The sky is the limit. Never give up on your dreams, especially if what your doing makes you happy.

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