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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Conversations' Model Citizen: Wilner Sainlot

Conversations' Model Citizen: Wilner Sainlot

Hometown: Haiti

Currently living in North Lauderdale, FL

Wilner in his own words: "I am an aspiring young model who`s willing to work hard to achieve his goal. One of the reason I want to become a professional model is because I believe modeling is a God-given talent. Moreover, I will have a greater opportunity to motivate and help the others who look up to me as a role model."

Wilner, how do you stay motivated as you puruse your goals and dreams? First, I would like to say none of us were born with knowledge; however, knowledge is not something limited when you are really committed to pursuit it. In addition, I stay motivated by inspiration,the key to my pride. Motivation is the way to my success. Determination is the strength to my wisdom and criticism. And most importantly God is the shield to my antagonist.

What is the best advice you have for others who are looking to follow their passion in life?
Believe in you, what you already have inside. Be able to work smarter than harder because everything you want to accomplish in life can never come so easy until you are willing to risk some facts on your own experience. If you failed today promise yourself that you will be victorious tomorrow. No matter how much others tell you that you won't make it, start your own story from scratches then be the author of your book tomorrow.

Wilner Sainlot can be reached by email at and on Facebook by searching Dreamcatcher De Poet.

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