Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mary's Motivational Message... Celebrating A Milestone

Earlier this year family and friends gathered as I celebrated yet another Birthday milestone.  Honestly, like most of my fellow Aquarius, when it comes to celebrations, we are the life of the party. However, on that night--my night--I felt as though I was in a dome, feeling as though my words and emotions were imprisoned. I was simply overwhelmed.

Following dinner all returned to my home, and as I entered my haven I felt alive. My Brothers’ Jazz CD (Secrets) was entertaining all, champagne was overflowing and the energy from the various conversations filled the room with a warmth that felt soothing to my soul.

Prior to the cutting of the cake, I was asked to take a seat. All stood around me and shared what my journey has meant to them. In addition, all wrote their thoughts and placed them in a vase to be read in solitude.

 Before concluding, I was asked to share a few words pertaining to what I was feeling. I will set aside a moment and share with you the message I delivered:
“This past year has been nothing less than a process for me. Following my 2013 Birthday, I immediately went into a zone that I can only describe as mini crisis. I was moving towards a milestone and regardless of my resistance, it was awaiting my arrival. And as the months passed, I set aside time to reflect on the cause of this emotional tango consuming my spirit.

"As I sat in solitude and reflected on my journey, I came to understand the relevance of “TIME” and how “TIME” has a direct impact on my gift to the world. The impact it has had on my legacy and my words. Regardless, of my accomplishments, my legacy transcends through my written work. And as I approached February 2, 2014, I was somehow feeling as though there may not be enough “TIME” for me to achieve the impact I was sent here to fulfill. I know that HEAVEN’S beauty is beyond our scope but GOD knows that I’m enjoying every moment here, impacting the world like so many others with messages of “HOPE”.

"I love hard each and every day and I take nothing for granted. Especially, my journey and the family and friends who place no condition on the love they extend…”

Long after the last guest departed, the dishes packed away in the dishwasher and the Birthday Cake refrigerated…I lay in my bed reflecting on this truth: The power housed in my journey is not measured in “TIME”. It’s measured in me continuing to live each and every day as though it were my last.

My message to all is to be cognizant of how one lifetime is not enough time to learn the lessons housed in one’s journey. As long as we exist our growth is continuous. With this knowledge, embrace lessons learned and the legacy you mold each and every day of your visit.
Love, Joy and Continuous Peace,                                                                                                                                                                                                      Author Mary E. Gilder                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mary E. Gilder is the author of the award winning novel, A Misrepresentation of Myself and her soon to be released novel, Even a Man Can Have a Broken Heart. In addition, Mary is available for speaking engagements. She can be contacted at: bookclubs.maryegilder@yahoo.com or meg@maryegilder.com 

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