Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Conversations Magazine Presents... Excerpt from "Embraceable You" by Blair Erotica (Can't Get Enough)

Excerpt from “Embraceable You” by Blair Erotica, part of the larger anthology Can’t Get Enough: Erotica for Women, edited by Tenille Brown.

As she slipped out of the bed, a glimpse of her smile, captured out of the corner of his eye, caught his attention. It wasn’t her satisfied, what-a-night-we-had kind of smile, even if it had been that kind of night. No, this was her sneaky, crafty smile, the kind she put on when she had something devious in mind.

He ran his eyes over the lines of her body the same way he had run his hands over her earlier, in the early hours of the morning. Looking at her always made him think of the Gershwin song “Embraceable You.” Well, maybe she didn’t bring the song to mind, but the title for sure.

He wondered what her smile meant. What could she have in mind? Although she had a knack for coming up with delightful schemes and sexy drama, like the time she seduced him in an alley (well, he didn’t make her try all that hard), this morning there wasn’t time for any devilish plots. She was getting up to leave on a business trip; she had to catch some insanely early flight.

He sighed at the idea of being without her for an entire week, the emptiness he’d feel being without her company and body. He had nothing special going on at work to fill his time; nothing in particular to throw himself into; nothing to consume the extra hours.

It would be a long week.

He imagined it would be easier for her as she would be going to London for the first time, meeting important clients and staying busy. It was easy to expect that the days and even the nights would go by quickly for her.
His best shot was to get together with some old college buddies for a poker game or something, but that didn’t promise a week’s worth of distraction. But that was life.

She had done her best to make certain he knew that she would miss him too—body and soul. When they came home from dinner that evening, the night before her departure, she had him sit on the couch while she fixed drinks. When she walked toward him, the movement of her hips made her slinky black dress wiggle in the most enticing way. Then she handed both glasses to him and bent down to kiss him. Before he knew what was happening, she knelt down and undid his pants...

Sexy enough, perhaps, but it just got them both fired up.

As he recalled the evening, he remembered that those drinks were still in the living room, untouched, and he laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” she asked.

“We never drank the drinks you fixed,” he said.

Her eyes glowed. “It’s okay; I got enough to drink.” Then she kissed him and headed into the bathroom.

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