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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Conversations Magazine's 25 Recording Artists You Should Know (2016)

For the past 9 years music has been an important aspect of Conversations Magazine. Both online and in print Editor-In-Chief Cyrus Webb has worked to showcase not just nationally-recognized artists bur those rising stars that are introducing amazing music to the world.

As 2015 comes to a close and a New Year approaches, here are 25 recording artists of different genres that along with the title of one single by them we have come to love that we believe you'll want to add to your playlist as well:

25 Recording Artists You Should Know (in no particular order)

  1. Andra Day, "Rise Up"
  2. Chelsea Crites, "What Goes Around"
  3. Ricky Jarman, "Get to Know Ya"
  4. Woodson Michel, "Whoa"
  5. Antonique Smith, "Higher"
  6. Kevin Garrett, "Refuse"
  7. Andromeda Turre, "All Or Nothing"
  8. March to May, "Embers"
  9. Bob Sima, "Be the Change"
  10. Jake Worthington, "That's When"
  11. Jason Little, "Let Me Know"
  12. A.J. Kross, "Wreck Me"
  13. Keith Robinson, "Love Somebody"
  14. Sasha Brown, "Good Life"
  15. Troy Petty, "Unfinished"
  16. Summer Franklin, "I Told You So"
  17.  Cheri Maree, "Time to Shine"
  18. Julie Geller, "Hey Girl"
  19. Matt Farris, "She's Done"
  20. Wolf Critton, "Jane Doe"
  21. Young Marco, "Gone Long Gone"
  22. Chandra Currelley, "You're Just Right"
  23. Kyle Lettman, "Moving Too Fast"
  24. Donica Knight, "Love Ain't A Prize"
  25. Antoine Dunn, "I'm Gonna Love You"

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