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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Jose Maysonet: Overcoming fear by staying focused on his goals

by Cyrus Webb

For Jose Maysonet failure is not an option. That is why daily he can be found perfecting his craft, working on the next project and staying focused on the road ahead.

I met up with Jose while I was in New York in 2015 filming episodes for my television show and web-series Cyrus Webb Presents. Before that he had been a guest on Conversations LIVE the radio show. "It's been a wild journey," he says when discussing the projects he has been a part of like SURVIVING THE UNDEAD and SONS OF GOD. Though he is appreciative of the opportunities he has been afforded, his attention is definitely not behind him. "I'm looking more towards the future than the past. I'm proud of myself, but it's not enough for me. I want to make my loved ones proud of me. That's what keeps driving me forward."

The desire to be in front of the camera came early for Maysonet. He says he knew he wanted to be an actor when he tried out for Westside Story and instead of getting the character he wanted he was offered the lead. "I wasn't prepared for that at the time," he says, but having the control of the crowd was addicting to him. That is what keeps him moving forward, getting that reaction from his work and getting better along the way. "I'm doing this on my own," he says, even with that being the case he is acting and producing on two projects: Surviving the Undead and Sons of God. He realizes that the hard work, dedication and drive will take him far.

Thanks to social media and the fans he is garnering it is also becoming a bit surreal. Maysonet recalls an experience where a 5 year old girl came up to him and asked to take a picture with him. "Then her parents came over and asked for autographs. The response is really empowering. That fuels me forward to keep pushing through."

Though his credits on camera are adding up, Maysonet says he's very critical of himself. "When I see a picture or a video of myself I usually don't like it," he says. Part of the fun, though, is that he is able to play characters that are so different from them, characters that he is finding others are loving to hate. the response though has been amazing. i play the antagonist and people tell me that they love my acting but hate my character. that's going to "I think the thing I relish the most is the challenge. It's interesting to be someone else. Maybe that is what I like the most."

Along the way he has found that just by him staying the course and doing the work he loves he has been able to inspire others to go for their own goals and dreams. "It's very honoring and humbling to me," he says, "when someone says because of what you did I'm doing something that I always wanted to do or try. I wasn't trying to do that, " he adds, "so it's a very surreal experience.

As for having to deal with fear, Jose Maysonet says to him there is no such thing. "I don't have the fear. I'm never nervous before an audition. I'm dying to show people what I can do."

Stay connected with Jose on Facebook at and Twitter at as well as his website

Photo credit: John Barreyro

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