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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Actor Gavin Houston: Claiming Persistence Over Resistance

by Cyrus Webb

Through the show The Haves and the Have Nots Tyler Perry has created a cast of characters that know what it's like to be one thing in the public and another in their everyday lives---and we can't seem to get enough of it! Since the show debuted in 2013 Tuesday nights have not been the same, and actor Gavin Houston who is bringing to life Jeffrey Harrington couldn't agree more. From episode one millions have been captivated by the show, and Jeffrey's seemingly perfect house of cards as been shaken. Gavin talked about the show's success, it's cast and the experience in this conversation.

"There really is something that everyone can relate to. The things that the individual characters are going through are so much like the issues of our fans. I couldn't have imagined all the things we covered...This whole season is so packed with so many story-lines going on that anybody can find something for them. We all have stories to tell. The show really explores who truly has and who truly have not. It's been really interesting to watch it unfold and get more in-depth. It really shows that all that glitters is not gold."

"In my childhood I created story-lines for my toys. I used to love performing and putting on a show when I was little. I come from a family where my mom and sister used to model, so I kind of fell into it. My first job was on the Cosby Show. Since then I knew this is what I wanted to do. "

"Persistence overcomes resistance. I feel like you have to realize and remember it's a craft. The business side can muddy up the arts side. You have to have a love for it. There's down-times when you're not working and you have to hold on to the belief. I don't hope it works out. It has to work out. You can't leave it. There's no time limit. You have to keep growing."

"I think one of the main things I had to do is keep making discoveries about this character. He comes with a lot of pressure, pressure that parents can put on you. So much of who we are can be related back to what we got in our childhood growing up. I try to identify with the soul of the character. Jeffrey has so many different things and layers to play.

"I love this responsibility to bring the character to life.  A lot of it is about promoting acceptance. One of the biggest things is acceptance from your own parents.  Jeffrey shows the extremes that people will go to in order to find love is what makes it a great story. What he's going to do and how it ends is going to blow people away."

"First Tika is such a talented actress. Her character Candace sees through people. She's that straight line where all of us are kind of looping around and putting on this little facade of who we want others to think we are. She is the truth and calls people out on what's real. She's blunt. She's honest. She's fearless."

Regardless of what comes next for Jeffrey it's obvious that Gavin Houston is moving full steam ahead in doing what he loves. As he says "Persistence overcome resistance". As long as we push forward success is sure to be ours.

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