Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fashion Forward in 2019 with Gail Rayford-Ambeau

Well hello everyone.  Welcome to 2019!

Let’s get this party started!  It’s 2019 and everyone has someplace to be.  Let’s do it being fashion forward.
The New Year brings bold fun colors, patterns and prints and texture. Glamour and romance are on the rise for this season.
So let’s start with Colors.
Cherry red: a “full-bodied” color, ideal to enhance velvet, tulle and satin. Ideal for elegant, retro-feel looks.
Digital blue: the color of almost all social networks. A color that evokes technology, and the future. If you are into cyber these may be just right for you.
Fuchsia pink: it’s still one of the favorite hues with designers. Exuberant if worn from head to toe, or as a creative pop of color.
Lavender: also called “lilac”, it’s a pastel tone that, unlike pink or baby blue can add character to a statement or intricate outfit.
Orange: Fall’s symbolic hue, it will stand out with its “effervescent” effect. Dare to wear an orange suit to fight the dark dreary days of winter.
Sapphire yellow: to uplift classic patterns, like florals or checks.

Now this is where I get excited! Patterns and prints I LOVE animal prints! Leopard prints are Haute’ this season.  Whichever animal print you fancy they are in. The season trend is to wear an allover print.  They can be worn in natural tones or vibrant colors. Whatever you pick wear it with confidence.

Checks have made a big comeback this season. You can find them in all multiplicities and styles.
Scarf prints are all the rage this season and can be worn in a multitude of ways. From bandana to artsy or designer logo prints. Adding a scarf print adds a little glamour to any outfit.
We all know a floral dress is perfect for spring and summer. This season florals of all kinds were given an update. Black background florals add a dramatic twist to your winter fashion stock. And all over prints are just on the right side of fabulously chic.

Textures are essential this season.  Feathers in almost any shape and form are hot! Feathers add the right amount of detail and drama to bring a jacket or dress to life! You might even want to consider up-cycling a jacket, dress or pants by adding a feather trim (for my DIY group we’ll discuss that at a later date).
Other textures to consider are silky tops and dress.
Leather of course will always be a permanent fixture in the fashion world.
Velvet adds a pop of surprise and glamour.  It can be used in just about any silhouette. Try out a pair of velvet booties to add a kick to any dress.

Glamour and romance are on the rise for this season.
Ahead scarf can add a touch movie star glamour to your daily look. Long capes worn over billowing gowns or wide leg trousers can add a bit of glamour to any outfit. Use a cape as a way to either camouflage and showcase your body at the same time.  If, you like the look of a cape but don’t think you can handle all of the extra fabric try a cape sleeve instead.  A cape sleeve will allow you to pull off the look without the extra burden of fabric. Add a long glove and there you have it, instant glamour.
If you are the romantic type this seasons long flowing dresses are just for you.  Long and flowing dresses and tops with flowing bell sleeves, lace and a few ruffles are right on point this season for the romantic type.
It is time to break the so called rules. Mix it up and have a little fun in the New Year.  There’s No need to worry about conforming. Define your own individuality.

As always remember the first thing you should to put on everyday day is your confidences because it is the first thing everyone will see. Wear it and wear it well.
Until next time, keep it fabulous.

Gail Rayford-Ambeau

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