Conversations Magazine's #BooksYouNeedtoRead Issue

Conversations Magazine's #BooksYouNeedtoRead Issue
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Friday, December 21, 2018

[To You,From Me] Be Determined to Win

2018 has been a year of extreme highs and lows for so many, including myself. I don't always get personal online but during this year I experienced the death of two aunts as well as health challenges with other family members and friends. I know that many of those who are connected with me have dealt with the same or even their own personal challenges and difficulties that has made the year harder than they would have liked.

It's easy to look at where you are right now and say that you'll never get where you want to go, or to wish that things could be different. The good thing is if you are here today. Right now. You have the ability to choose to win today. Maybe winning is different from what others are achieving, but giving it your best is the key to success.

This issue of Conversations Magazine is a celebration of life, of achievements and looking ahead. You'll be able to enjoy chats with the cast of one of my favorite shows on television, The Haves and the Have Nots as well as introductions to authors that have had a goal for themselves and in spite of what they could have done they saw it through all the way 'til the end.

This issue also introduces some great contributors to our readers. The "Joy Magnet" Shari Alyse, Fashion Contributor Gail Rayford-Ambeau and Fitness Contributors Ameerah Dean have great articles for you all, and we have a "31 Days of Inspiration" schedule from my friend fitness model and trainer Branden Nicholson.

No matter what comes your way today stay determined to win. I am living proof that behind every dark cloud is a ray of hope. You just have to look up to enjoy it.

Until next time!

Cyrus Webb, Editor-In-Chief
Conversations Magazine

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