Monday, December 17, 2018

Author Vicky Nelson: Enjoying Life without Limits

by Cyrus Webb

Author Vicky Nelson and I connected thanks to Facebook. She is the author of WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING, a book that takes us into the experiences of the main character Michelle and her having to come to grips with deception and the possibility of love after hurt.

"This is a dream come true," Vicky told me about the writing of the book and getting to share it with the world. "I wanted to write a book for some time and didn't have the courage to do it. Now that it's completed I'm so excited."

In an exclusive interview with Vicky on Conversations LIVE radio show I told her that even though the main character is a woman that is dealing with deception and lies the book speaks to men who also find themselves in that situation. "I wrote this book in the mind of single women initially," she told me. "As I was writing it I realized it was something that I wanted men to get into as well to have a takeaway and for them to understand what it does to a woman when you come into a relationship with lives and deception."

When asked when she first knew she had a story she wanted to tell Vicky says that it began just by her living life. "I had female friends and relatives who were talking about being deceived and hearts being broken because of it. I said to myself 'This is a story that everyone needs to hear.' I wanted people to know that just because you go through things (in relationships) there is still love out there."

In WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING the main character WAS deceived, but it's obvious there were signs there that could have avoided some of the heartache. I asked Vicky if that is something she wanted readers to think about as well, how we sometimes contribute to our heartache. "She made some bad decisions," she said, speaking about her character Michelle. "As humans we make bad decisions. We know there's something not quite right there, but because we are looking for love we overlook things."

As Michelle has to deal with the fear of getting hurt, Vicky and I discussed how she got over the fear of what people would think about her writing a book. She says "Having someone in your corner...a mentor, is very helpful." She was able to join a writer's group and hear from others about their experiences. She also had someone rooting her own right in her family. "My daughter is such an inspiration to me," she says. "She told me this is a story that people need to hear. Just write it. You never know. Stop limiting yourself. That helped me a whole lot."

Though Vicky wants the reader to be entertained through her book there is a message. "We have a responsibility to the truth," she says. "Acknowledge the truth and know that (if you choose to ignore the warning signs) you're getting into something that is probably not going to work out for your good."

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