Friday, November 6, 2020

[MOVIE REVIEW] The Campaign of Miner Bo

 I remember hearing about Bo Copley and his path to running for office, but now after watching THE CAMPAIGN OF MINER BO I have a better understanding of the journey and the man who took it.

I love how it shows what the seed was for running for office. It wasn't ego. It wasn't pride. It was purpose. He felt led to the task, and from there we see how it unfolded. We see how some believed while others doubted, but that didn't stop Bo from moving forward. Even when at times he was misunderstood or even ignored, he kept on going.

Why? Why put yourself and your family in this position? Bo himself is able to share. He was following what he felt like was God's plan for him. One of the most emotional moments for me was when Bo says he knew what he was told to do, but he wasn't sure what the outcome would be. That should help us all to see that the important thing is to be obedient to our calling. We never know who will be inspired by it or what it might lead to.

A great example of what one person can do, THE CAMPAIGN OF MINER BO inspires you to stay true to your purpose and passion.

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