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Thursday, November 5, 2020

TAKE TEN: Recording Artist Marcell Cassanova

by Cyrus Webb

Marcell, we had a great conversation together on Conversations LIVE the radio show. Glad to have you featured in our Take Ten series for Conversations Magazine. Let’s begin with where we are right now. What has it been like to see the response to the Southern Love music?

 It has been amazing to see how everyone has reacted to Southern Love. It feels so good that it seems like Southern Love has become its own genre. The people have embraced the music, and I’m grateful.

You are one of those artists that not just create your own music. You have worked with a lot of other artists, too. Why has that been important to you to show that support?

 It’s important for me to show support because no one can truly make it alone, whether it be music or life. A lot of times we hear people say, “I’m self-made" or "I got here on my own”, but in reality, we all have had help in one way or another. It also feels good to help others, even if those same people never come back and help you or acknowledge what you have done for them.

To continue with that thought, Marcell, our association is crucial, especially when it comes to staying motivated. How important has it been for you to watch the energy you allow around you, especially with everything going on right now?

Energy is very important. I only want people with positive energy around me. People that have that 'I can and I will' attitude. In life, we have to keep moving forward no matter how good or bad the past was, we have to get away from the negative and think positive and be positive.

For those that are just discovering your music, Marcell, tell them when you first realized music was your passion.

I’ve always loved music, as most of us have, but I would have to say I realized music was my passion when I was in college trying to find my way and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I had been involved with music professionally since I was a teen, but I never saw it as a career. It was just a part of who I was.

How does it feel to go from having your favorite artists that you like to listen to on the radio show to now having your own music being played on the radio?

It’s a wonderful feeling that actually never gets old. It doesn’t matter how many times I hear my songs, songs I’ve written, songs I’ve produced, recorded, mixed, or mastered on the radio it’s a feeling of success; and it’s something that no one can ever take away from you.

You, like the rest of us, have been using social media to stay connected. How has that helped you to reach your fans and introduce yourself to new listeners?

Social media has been an amazing tool to help connect with fans. It creates an opportunity for fans to get a closer look at you and for you to get a more direct look at what the fans like and want to hear and see. Social media is like a secret entrance to another dimension where you and the fans can get close, but no too personal.

Before things shut down this year you began 2020 performing. What is the difference for you when it comes to being in the studio and performing live for your fans?

 I’m a creator, and the studio is where creative juices flow freely. The difference is that I see the studio work for me and the performing live is for the fans. Being in the studio lays the groundwork for the live performance. When I’m performing, I just work to give the fans what I was feeling while I was creating in the studio.

What should our readers be looking for as we go throughout the rest of this year?

They should be looking for more visuals of the Southern Love Experience, merchandise (shirts, caps, etc.). I may even squeeze in a few exclusive releases for the fans.

What advice do you have for other artists out there when it comes to pursuing their goals and dreams?

The advice I have is to believe in yourself and don’t look for validation from anyone else to make you feel qualified to do what you are doing. Love yourself and be yourself, because there is always someone watching and copying you.

Appreciate your speaking with us, Marcell. How can our audience stay connected with you?

Everyone can go to my website . Follow my Instagram @marcellcassanova , subscribe to our YouTube page, Feel Good Music Studios where they will get all of the videos and music. I’m also on twitter @themrfeelgood and my Facebook page is Marcell Cassanova. 

My music is available on all digital download outlets. I really would like to thank you for taking the time to allow me to speak with your audience, and like I always say when signing off #preciateitbaby.

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