Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cyrus Webb Presents... "25 Books Every Man Should Read"

Conversations Book Club is excited to announce its first-ever reading list designed specifically for men.

When book club founder Cyrus Webb began the reading group in November 2006 it was out of necessity. "There weren't any reading groups that were around that had men attend meetings on a regular basis," he says. "I knew from my own personal experience that men read. There just had to be platforms available that welcomed them."

Since then the co-ed reading group Conversations Book Club has hosted events where men and women can come together to read, discuss and enjoy books. With so many problems facing the world, however, Webb decided it was time to do something just for the guys: compiling a list of non-fiction titles that he had read and learned from, knowing that others could as well.

"It is my hope that men and even the women in their lives can read these books and allow the messages to help them as they are going through their own challenges," explains Webb.

Here is Cyrus Webb's 25 Books Every Man Should Read list for 2013:

  1. "The Available Parent" by Dr. John Duffy (Viva Editions)
  2. "This Is How" by Augusten Burroughs (St. Martins Press)
  3. "A Dark Journey to a  Light Future" by Tommie Mabry (West Bow Press)
  4. "DOC" by Dwight Gooden (Amazon Publishing)
  5. "Rocky Spirit" by Felice Cantatore (iUniverse)
  6. "Everyday Meditation" by Tobin Blake (New World Library)
  7. "24/6" by Matthew Sleeth, MD (Tyndale)
  8. "Break Your Addiction to Conflict" by Nathan J. Snow (Snowday Press)
  9. "Get Your Shift Together" by Steve Rizzo (McGraw Hill)
  10. "Letters to Ethan" by Tom McQueen (Seraphina Press)
  11. "Find the Upside of the Down Times" by Dr. Rob Pennington (Resource International)
  12. "Letters to My Unborn Children" by Shawn T. Collins (Quill House Press)
  13. "The Dad Connection" by Scott Hanley (publisher unknown)
  14. "Identity" by Stedman Graham (FT Press)
  15. "Know Yourself, Forget Yourself" by Marc Lesser (New World Library)
  16. "Side-Yard Superhero" by Rick D. Niece (Five Star Publications)
  17. "Get Off Your Attitude" by Ryan C. Lowe (Sound Wisdom)
  18. "Live to Give" by Austin Gutwein (Thomas Nelson)
  19. "Hillbilly Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus (Amazon Publishing)
  20. "Things My Daughters Need to Know" by Rodney L. Demery (Rootsky Books)
  21. "7 Secrets of a Phenomenal L.I.F.E." by Howard Partridge (Sound Wisdom)
  22. "G-Man: The Education of a Criminal" by Gregory Marshall (Marshall Publishing Group)
  23. "By Faith, Not By Sight" by Scott MacIntyre (Thomas Nelson)
  24. "Game Plan" by Alan P. Lyme, David J. Powell and Stephen R. Andrew (Central Recovery Press)
  25. "It's Your Life: Live Big" by Josh Hinds (Sound Wisdom)
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