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Friday, December 6, 2013

PROFILE: Recording Artist Matthew Schultz

by Cyrus Webb

Recording artist Matthew Schultz has a reason to smile. Not only has he been able to work with individuals that are well-respected in the world of music but he has found fans literally around the world. His single "Money or Me" featuring Jim Jones has been featured on countless sites across the Internet, spawning profiles for him in The Source Magazine, on MTV, Hype Magazine, Social Magazine, This is 50 and more.

Through it all Matthew remains focused on what is important: the music itself. "I am so blessed and thankful to see the way that people are responding to it."

In describing his style of music the artist does it this way: "All of my music is built around the Hip Hop base but has that rock feel." It was the combination of the two genres that he believes got people's attention. "The single ("Money or Me") took off because a lot of people can relate. When you get a certain age you never really know after a certain point whether someone is with you for true love or because of your situation." Matthew says the song really is about discovering what their true love is."

"Money or Me" is just one example of why Matthew Schultz is able to live his dream. For me creating music is more than just about the beat. It really is about the words and the message. "I see it as a privilege to get to perform my music," he told me With all that he has done, it's hard to believe that he really got back into music this year. Since that time his career has taken off.  It has all been a process. He sees success as 'that carrot dangling in front' of him, pushing him further and further. It all begins with the decision to act. "Once you start picking up a buzz and people start to appreciate your music things just fall in line," he says.

For those artists out there who are wondering if they can take advantage of the same opportunities that Matthew has, he shares one of his secrets. "Most of my success has come from Reverbnation," he admits. "It allows you to get fans and listeners and be among millions of other artists. It's like a mini label and perfect for independent artists. When you go to the site and see who's there then you know you're in good company." He says that places like Reverbnation "give you a great ability to reach out to the world."

Matthew Schultz is a success not just because of who he works with, but how he works. That sets the example for all of us, regardless of who we are and what our passion is. His experience is proof that good things come to those who aren't afraid to go after them.

Stay in touch with Matthew online at, and on Reverbnation at

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