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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Write Stuff: Author Katandra Shanel Jackson

Conversations Media Group President Cyrus Webb got a chance to talk with author Katandra Shanel Jackson during her visit to Mississippi this year about not just what led her to writing but her publishing company FreedomInk as well.

Asked if she has gotten used to the idea of being a published author, Jackson told Webb "That part has not sunk in yet. It's still surreal right now."

Webb first interviewed Jackson on Conversations LIVE when she released her book DIARY OF A BRIDGE TO BE. The 'Diary' series is a personal look not just at Jackson's preparation for marriage but the ups and downs that come in relationships. When asked about why she decided to share such a personal look into her life Jackson said "I knew there was a market and an audience for it (the books)." Referencing reality shows about the topic she added: "No two stories are alike. It's real."

Another topic that Jackson has addressed in her books is the issue of sexual abuse. In the book ANGEL EYES she and other survivors share their personal journey from victim to victor. "Sometimes you need to reveal in order to protect," she told Webb during their conversation when he asked about her decision to share not just with the world but first with her own family, namely her children. "Why allow them to learn about it later when it can be something that affects them in their childhood." She then shared this analogy that describes the decision perfectly: "You tell a child not to touch the oven before they touch it." She says that it was a healing process for herself and the ladies who came forward with their stories.

Speaking of that trust, Webb inquired what it was like to have others entrust their truth to her. "People don't want to reveal what hurts them. It's better to reveal those hurts than to keep them if it's going to save someone else."

For writers she offers this advice: "When it comes to publishing just keep writing. never give up. There is a reader for every single book. It could be a book in somebody else just waiting to be written."

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  1. As always Cyrus, thank you for the platform and the given opportunity to be introduced to others that haven't heard just yet, about FreedomInk Publishing. I'm honored to be remembered. Thank you for recognizing me as a Model Citizen. Everything I do is about the books and I do believe that one truly can make a difference. So I'm on a mission. One Author, One book, One Reader at a time to change the World. I encourage readers to check out the books. We're working on something for everyone. Be it fiction, non fiction, romance, paranormal, erotica, religious, motivational. FreedomInk Publishing is your book one stop! Again thanks! ~CEO of FreedomInk Publishing, Katandra Jackson Nunnally