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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Actor/Producer Sean Hampton: Living Life On Purpose

(Note: Listen to Hampton's recent interview on #ConversationsLIVE here.)
by Cyrus Webb

It has been amazing watching the way that actor Sean Hampton has not only continued to diversify his resume but brought on new fans through each step of his career.

For him, this career was pretty much decided at an early age. "The inspiration for me to become an actor came at the age of 10," Sean told me. "I was watching Total Recall starring  Arnold Schwarzenegger. Seeing that movie told me that's for me. I want to do that."

It is a decision that didn't exactly align with what others may have expected for him. Coming from a family of professionals, they were probably expecting him to follow the same route, so he tried. "I said I would be a lawyer," Sean says, however, he got to college and realized that wasn't what he wanted to do it. "I told my father that I wanted to play a lawyer, but I don't really want to be one."

Since then he has appeared in television shows such as General Hospital, Young and the Restless, 90210 and movies like Transformers and The Arcadian. In spite of his success and acting credits, I asked Sean if there has ever been a time that he questioned whether this was the right path for him. "I've seen a lot of people go through those doubts," he says. "I can't imagine doing anything else. This is home. There have been times that I have felt like I had painted myself into a corner, but there is no second-guessing. I have to be here and do this. You can't get caught up in thinking short term."

What has it been like for Sean to be recognized for what he does? "It is one of the greatest feelings in the world to have that affirmation. This is the work I am supposed to do. When you know you're supposed to be somewhere then that is where you want to be."

His new project is called RACE WAR and made it worldwide debut on Monday, May 18th.

Q: Do you think your faith has been a big part of the way you have thought of your career?
A: If it wasn't for God I wouldn't be here. Just acting on my own accord I would have screwed this up a long time ago. It's because of my faith that I have been able to stay in the right direction. Just having my faith has taught me to work with everyone and not to judge. It's been my biggest asset.

Q: Sean, you are doing something that is not always seen in any profession, that is sharing what you have learned about the business with others. Why did you decide this is something you wanted to do?
A: It's mainly because there wasn't much of that for me when I was coming up. People close off in this business. I want to be the information center that I didn't have. I know how much that is needed and appreciated.

Sean's newest project is one that he is not only acting in but directing as well with his good friend and producer Matt Getic. It's called The S & M Experience and debuted online April 26th of this year.

Q: Talk to us about how The S & M Experience came about?
A:  To me the Internet is the future for entertainment. I love the entire creative process, not just being an actor. The S & M Experience was something that Matt and I decided to do because of our mutual comedic backgrounds. We started writing out some of the ideas we had, and it just developed from there. I think that laughter is really important. You have to laugh about things and not take life so seriously if you want to really be able to enjoy it.  This is also a way to get out some of the ideas that we have. It gives us the opportunity to go directly to the consumer.

You can watch The S & M Experience online at either or

Q: Thanks again for taking out the time to talk with us, Sean, and congratulations again on the S & M Experience. My last question for you is this: what does it mean to live your life on purpose?

A:  It's one of those times that you just know you're doing the right thing. To me fear is normally an indicator that you're going in the right direction. If you know you have a passion about something and are stepping out on your own, I think the fear should be embraced and it will motivate you. You have to step out in faith. Go forward and do it.

Watch RACE WAR at Stay abreast of everything going on with Sean Hampton online by following his Facebook page at or his Twitter page at

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