Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rapper Hollywood Luck: A Mississippi Native with Nationwide Appeal

by Cyrus Webb

I've said it before but it's worth repeating: Where you are doesn't have to define or limit where you can go. We all have been given amazing gifts. It's just up to us to use them and allow them to take us as far as they can. So many times we allow where we are born or currently live to be the end---when it really is just the beginning. Just ask rapper (and Mississippi native) Hollywood Luck.

He may live in Mississippi, but his music and his presence if being felt across the country and beyond. Recently he released his new mixtape called MSRepresentIt, and I asked him what it's been like to see the response. "It's nice to see that people like the music," he told me. "It's been a long journey, but it's nice to see it is appreciated."

The new project begins by sharing Luck's own experience with Hip Hop and even addresses some of the concerns he has about how music is being heard today. He told me that his career in Hip Hop began "by accident." His initial passion was basketball, but when things didn't work out with that he started making beats and later fell into rap. Today he is an artist that is known for speaking his mind and carrying himself with a confident that lets you know he is comfortable in his own skin. "The confidence took some time," he told me, but says it is definitely a project of the journey he has been on as an artist.

The new project MSRepresentIt showcases some of the club songs that fans of the artist have gotten to know but also shares some more thought-provoking messages about life and the industry he is a part of. "I've always been able to create that balance," Luck says. "I can give you different stories in my music." He says he believes this shows he is more than just a rapper. He's a human being. "Some people treat artists like they aren't human. I just want to show I am a regular person."

One of the songs that is most known by the artist is the suggestive single POLE IN MY PANTS. I asked Luck if he was surprised that this one single has become such a staple for his fans. "I'm very surprised," he says. "It's been almost four years and they still play it at the club and people ask for it when I'm booked for a performance." With that song's popularity I had to ask if there was a fear that it would be the only way people saw him. " I never had that fear," he admitted, "but it became a reality." He then added: "A lot of times people just expect those kind of songs from me, but it's not the only type of music I make. It's just a part of me. I guess the way people see you the first time and like it can make them stick you in a box and expect to see you like that all the time."

MSRepresentIt shows that he is so much more than a man who likes to party, and that has been what Luck has been able to share with his fans both in person and through social media. When talking about the Internet he says it "definitely helps when I see my music reaching other markets. That lets me know that what I'm doing not only works in my area but around the whole world." Though he is still working to get more radio play this doesn't deter Luck from sharing his music every chance he gets. His work ethic is one that other artists are taking notice of and emulating, something that makes him feel good. "That definitely encourages me to keep going," he says. "For me it's more than just about being seen. It's about being true to who you are. I do this not just for myself but for a lot of people."

Hollywood Luck believes that MSRepresentIt definitely shows his growth and that fans will "get the complete package" of who he is. Stay connected with Luck on Twitter, Instagram at Hollywood_Luck and at

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