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Saturday, May 23, 2015

[Inspiration] "How Do You Listen?" by Glenda L. Hunter

I was talking to someone at work the other day right in the middle of my sentence she started talking. That was bad, but what was even worse she was talking to someone else altogether. I stopped and went back to my office. It made me feel that what I was saying was unimportant---and neither was I.

I don't think she meant it like that, but it still leaves the same feeling. There was many times as a child I would have liked for someone to really listen to me. That reminds me of my granddaughter saying I am the only one that listened to her. She is a little chatter box but she deserves to be heard.

 As you read this poem I would like for you to consider how you really listen. May we always listen not just with our ears but our hearts:


Have you ever thought about how you listen?
Do your ears hear the words and your mind begins to think?
Or do you hear the words and your heart begins to break?

Do you take time to listen to children?
Or do you think they don't even have anything worth saying?
How do you hear the words that are spoken with a whisper?

At times it is hard for children to really know what words to use.
And when they finally are able to speak, do you listen to those stammered words?
Or must it all be right and proper for you to really hear?

Some things that children have to tell are very hard to speak
They don't even know words that fit how bad they feel inside.
So stutter, cry, even run away is what they do instead.
They are very used to people not caring how they feel or what they say.

That one more time is no big deal; they kind of expect it deep inside.
They will stop talking if someone doesn't start to listen carefully.
So please consider how you listen the next time a child comes to you.
Listen with your heart and help them to know that someone loves from deep inside.

That would be the greatest thing you could give anyone.
It costs something to listen with you heart and not just your ears.
It could cost you sadness, tears, and nights with a little less sleep.
But just think what it will mean to a hurting person to have someone really care.

The next time you start to listen with only your ears Stop and think: How would you want someone to listen to you? If your answer is with their heart then model this greatness to all those coming in your path.

Glenda L. Hunter is the award-winning author of AN UNSPEAKABLE SECRET, OUT OF THE DEPTHS and the children's book IT FINALLY HAPPENED. Find out more a
bout her at

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