Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Thursday, April 9, 2020

[BOOK REVIEW] THE POWER OF PAIN shows that what you experience in life doesn't have to define you

It takes great courage to open the doors of your life to others, sharing what you have experienced and overcome, knowing it will not just help you heal but show others what is possible for them as well. That is exactly what Kneika Robbins, Audra Bush and Kenya Frazier have done with THE POWER OF PAIN. The three of them share some personal situations that could have broken them or at least define them, and now they are letting us know that regardless of what you experience---or who might have hurt you---there is a way forward that can lead to peace and happiness.

Love the courage they shared by putting this book together, and I know that their lives will be a testament to others as to why they shouldn't give up on life and love.

Yes the world has its share of pain, but if you are willing to move beyond it then you can enjoy all the other things that life has to offer---and who know? You might be just the example others need as to what they can do as well.

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