Thursday, April 9, 2020

WARRIOR SPOTLIGHT: Jacqueline "Lulu" Brown, Author/Speaker/Entrepreneur

by Cyrus Webb

Author and Speaker Jacqueline “Lulu” Brown is able to show by example what you are able to achieve when you don’t allow your life to be led by fear. I had a chance to interview her because of her part in an anthology 31 WAYS OF INFLUENCE, but her work goes well beyond that. In this chat we talk about what she has done, how she has been able to impact the lives of others and what’s to come. 

Lulu, you have literally been able to travel the world, sharing your gifts with individuals that you meet. What has it been like for you to reflect on what you have been able to achieve?
It’s been truly amazing to reflect and see how God enabled me to accelerate and literally “ascend” in Ministry which began with the role of Deaconess and Sunday School Teacher, and now, Licensed Minister, Reverend, Entrepreneurship as a Women’s Empowerment Consultant, and retired Information Technology Executive Leader. The learnings and experience working with other cultures across the world continues to blow my mind even now.

Ironically the two of us connected because of your contribution to the bestselling book 31 WAYS OF INFLUENCE: The Tools of the Proverb 31 Women to Successfully Impact Nations. How does it feel to be able to share your story and your testimony with people and know it’s benefiting them? 
It is exhilarating to share my story with others and my God inspired testimony. It was the many stories of others that motivated and inspired me over the years. It is an honor to now give to others through writing. Originally it felt a little scary to go from sharing my story during speaking engagements with a limited audience - too sharing my story with an unlimited number of people across the world.

Conversations’ theme for 2020 is “Embracing Your Greatness”. Tell us what it’s been like for you to embrace your God-given abilities.
Embracing my God-given abilities is a freedom that brings about liberation on a whole new level for me. If one can image, previously, a woman “dressed to the nine” and “boardroom ready”, successful by the secular definition, yet; this woman has chains around her wrists and ankles. Embracing God’s greatness in me and operating in my God-given gifts is now “KNOWING” what it means to operate from a “real” seat of power. 

In the chapters you contribute in the book 31 WAYS OF INFLUENCE you share the balancing act of success in your personal and professional life. Have you found that to be striking a chord with women reading the book?
Yes, I’ve received feedback on  striking that chord, however; what I’ve shared in 1:1 conversations takes things a little deeper. I’ve also learned that there really wasn’t a “balancing personal and professional life” as much as I thought it was at the time. I found that this “balancing thing” was more auto pilot of “getting it all done”. Today, there is no balance, rather, there is “INTEGRATION of it all. Balance made me feel that I had to do all things equally. Today, I prioritize, make better choices, and most importantly, I integrate all that I do across all aspects of my life. As an example, my Husband travels with me everywhere I go. He is integrated into all aspects of what I do. While he might see himself as a supporter, I see him as a partner in ministry and my business.

Transparency is another facet you discuss in the book. What has that conversation been like for you to have with others about being authentic in their dealings in life?
The conversation around transparency and being authentic is very difficult for those that are not ready to have the “REAL CONVERSATION”. I’ve found that many women are offended by the slightest hint that they might not be living in total authenticity. Today’s world and “the world’s system” can keep us in a place of “superficiality”. A person can see everyone else’s mask, yet, they don’t see their own mask. For those women that are ready to experience their “highest self” and “ascend” to a place far beyond their current success, the conversation of authenticity is extremely easy. These women are ready to come out of the “matrix”. They are willing to do the work around “awakening”, dig deep into “self-discovery”, take the “transformational healing journey”, and “ascend”.

For those who are just discovering your work when did you realize that you were given a gift that was meant to share? 
I knew I was meant for something major from the age of five (5); I didn’t know exactly what however. I’ve always known that I was different. My full name is Jacqueline “Lulu”, but I’m fondly known as “Lulu”. I was named Lulu after the endearing and mischievous cartoon character, Little Lulu. For those discovering my work it is important to know that I didn’t arrive to this place without a lot of lessons learned; many of those lessons almost took my life. I’m not a fan of “pimping my pain”, therefore; I keep the focus on being victorious. I’m never a victim. The glory is in the victory. Accepting accountability for all my experiences both good and bad is one of many keys to success.

Lulu, fear is one of those things we talk a lot about, because it seems to be one of the things that keeps people from moving forward. How have you not allowed yourself to be paralyzed by fear in your life?
How I don’t allow fear to paralyze me is to stay true to myself and make sure that the mask I once wore is destroyed forever. And, when the mask is presented back to me by others, well let’s just say, I know where to tell folks to go with that mask. In the beginning I allowed fear to keep me from breaking free of those chains I spoke about because fear was my chain.

On the radio show Conversations LIVE you discussed your faith and the role it is has played in getting you where you are. What do you want people of faith to realize, though, about the struggle they still have to face when it comes to achieving their purpose? 
The most critical thing to remember is that “to whom much is given, much is required”. It takes more than operating in one’s greatness, gifts, and brilliance. It takes standing the tests, perseverance, and showing up in excellence at all times, including when we don’t feel like it. Everyone will not agree with the path that God gives us as individuals. We must be willing to accept the calling when it is not a “popular” message or popular thing to do at the time. Finally, know the difference between the voice of flesh and the voice of God. This is achieved with fasting, much prayer, and lots of meditation.

You have a busy 2020 planned. Tell our audience some of what you are excited about. 
I’m honored that I am hosting a twice weekly segment on iWorship96 Internet radio Mondays and Fridays, 10:00 A.M EST. January started Revolution Ascension's "Your Ascension” Academy. The Academy is a 3-month program where participants tap into their DIVINE FEMININE SELF, take the reigns of their life and walk on a path of ASCENSION. And, let’s make this clear: Revolution Ascension is not “just another women’s support movement.” Clients walk away with insightful, thought-provoking solutions that they can implement into their daily lives with ease and grace. The program repeats 4 times during the year. 

Thanks so much for the time, Lulu. How can our audience stay connected with you?
Thank you for the opportunity to have this interview and the audience can connect with me on Facebook on the web at or email at

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