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Thursday, April 9, 2020

[To You, From Me] Embrace Your Power

We're living at a time in the world where so many feel powerless. Either because of their own personal circumstances or the Coronavirus Pandemic that has paralyzed much of the world with fear of the uncertainty that might lie ahead. Regardless of what we're dealing with, I want to remind you of something that might not seem realistic, but it is true: You have power. You can make an impact!

This issue of Conversations Magazine, the last one before our 14th Anniversary Issue, has evolved since it was first conceived, and it serves as a lesson that I hope you get some comfort from. Due to forces outside of our control we had features that had to be rescheduled, some of the subjects of this issue actually passed away, and I was left with some decisions to make. Would I just abandon the issue altogether,or would I take what I had and make the most of it. I chose the latter, and the result is now what you are reading.

What I realized was that I had the power to decide whether this was going to be a success or a failure. I had the power to make the most of what I had or make an excuse as to why I couldn't move forward. Today throughout the challenges and the uncertainty WE have the power to decide whether we will allow what is happening to break us or better shape us. I would argue that this issue of Conversations Magazine is actually STRONGER than the one that was planned. And I can honestly say I am proud of it.

Inside you will discover what we call Women Warriors, women who are not just making a name for themselves but making a difference in the world. Here I'm pictured with author/motivational speaker/media personality Dr. Teresa A. Smith or Dr. TAS, one of our featured Women Warriors. Truth be told, all of the women in this issue are warriors in their own way, and we are better off because of their examples.

So take this message of hope with you. Yes, times are hard. There are things we don't know or fully understand. That, however, shouldn't cause us to give our power away. Today embrace your power, and see how you mpact things around you.

Until next time,

Cyrus Webb, Editor-In-Chief
Conversations Magazine

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