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Friday, September 7, 2012

Recording Artist Zeek: Fulfilling His Destiny Through Music

by Cyrus Webb

We all know what it's like to work hard for something that we want, only to find that it's not coming to us the way we want or when we want. That is when we have to make a choice: Are we going to give up or keep pushing forward? For recording artist Zeek, the answer is a simple one. Failure is not an option.

When I spoke with the 21 year old recently on Conversations LIVE it was really amazing to see how he has been able to not just cultivate his gift for music but how the world was now able to experience it with him. Raised in a home where his mother taught him vocally and his father introduced him to instruments, Zeek wrote his first love song at the age of eleven. "It was at that point that I started thinking I would really love to do this," he told me.

Since then he has been not just honing his skills but understanding what he calls his "divine connection." With a new single out (CAN'T STOP FALLING FOR YOU) as well as a new album, it seems as though all that he has worked for is paying off. "It's somewhat surreal for me," he confessed. "When people tell me that a song I wrote helped them or that they've been through something I wrote about before, it been so confirming and pushes me to even go harder in what I do."

Part of what has helped Zeek in reaching his goals and appreciating the moments of achievement is how he looks at the timeline of his journey. Instead of looking at things as a "No", he told me that he prefers to consider it as "Not right now." That slight change in perspective has served him well, and he is sharing that mindset with those that he meets.

"You have to keep pushing," he says. "You know what your purpose is. You know that there isn't anything else you would rather do, so quitting isn't an option. That has been what has kept me going." Zeek also credits his professional support system for being there along the way. "You need someone who can keep you focused on the bigger picture," he says. His team along with his family have definitely been what he has needed as he moves forward into his destiny.

In talking about destiny, Zeek shared some great advice for all of us. "I truly believe everything is about timing. If your gift has been given to you, then it's your destiny. Because it's your destiny it has to happen because it has to be fulfilled before you leave the earth." I think if we could think of our gifts that way it would keep us looking ahead and not worrying about what has happened and what hasn't happened to us so far.

Knowing how hard he has worked to get to where he is now, Zeek goes out of his way to express that love back to his fans. He is able to do this not just at public events but on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as well. "I love everyone who supports me," he says. When talking about reaching out to his fans online he adds this: "It's actually like I'm having that one-on-one conversation with them. I don't take it for granted."

His encouragement for anyone with a dream or going through something? "Everyone is the same. The main thing is that we all experience life. Hold on to the fact that someone has gotten through what you are going through right now. That should give you the strength to keep going."

CAN'T STOP FALLING FOR YOU is available now. Find out more information about Zeek and his album and upcoming events at

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