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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recording Artist Gutta Mane: Using Rap to Share His Life Story

by Cyrus Webb

Recording artist Gutta Mane 601 is not just a rapper. He's an individual that has grown into himself and knows why he is here and what he needs to do in order to be successful in life. Though we are both from the state of Mississippi, it took Facebook to bring us together and now I'm able to share his story with all of you.

At the time we met he was promoting his single "Goin' Nuts" and during his stop by Conversations LIVE to promote it he shared a little bit more than the story of his music. He revealed his philosophy about life.

GUTTA MANE 601'S MOTIVATION: "Success doesn't come overnight. It's really a blessing from God. You have to be careful what you ask for and how bad you want it. I just came to a point when I didn't care what anybody said. It's all about expressing yourself. It's all about feeling the culture."

GUTTA MANE 601 ON THE GIFT: "I realized the gift actually this summer. God put a lot of challenges in my life. I realize that everything that happens to me is a story from God. I'm not just focusing on home (Mississippi) because there is a big world out there. I am living God's story. I just  put my time and persistence in it. You can't do it overnight. It's on you to stay determined and brand your name."

GUTTA MANE 601 ON THE DREAM: "You are the only one that can see your dream through. You can't depend on anyone else to do the work for you. You have to do it by yourself. You are the mastermind of your life."

GUTTA MANE 601 ON PERFORMING:  "It feels better than your first kiss. You can get your message out there to the world in the music. It's a picture that you are painting. I try to catch people, letting them know it's going to be alright. I don't just rap. I'm an artist that has feelings. It's on me to motivate people and after I catch their attention to have something to say."

GUTTA MANE 601 ON BEING A FATHER AND AN EXAMPLE: "My kids are really why I do this. I want to have something for them. It's on us to lead by example. With this new generation coming up we have to motivate them and let them know what is possible. They can be doctors, lawyers or the future President."

 Gutta Mane also talked about the importance of focusing on yourself and knowing who you are. This means you have to keep your eyes ahead and not keep looking backwards. "If you are constantly digging in your past you will never see your future," he told me.

It is this message as well as his music that he shares not just with those he meets in person but online as well. He understands that his being effective is tied to reach as many people possible. "The name of the game is to keep your name out there," he says. That is why he uses social media to the fullest and encourages other artists and entrepreneurs to do the same. Gutta Mane can't help but motivate you, and as he says "when you motivate people that is when you create a fan base."

Stay in contact with Gutta Mane 601 online on Facebook at, on Twitter at and Youtube at

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