Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Friday, September 7, 2012

Recording Artist/Actor Camero: Giving You Something To Talk About

by Cyrus Webb

On August 3, 2012 the world was introduced to the new single TALK ABOUT IT from recording artist/actor Camero. I had already given the listeners of Conversations LIVE a sneak peek of the single when I welcomed him to the show, however, now the world was to see the talent and skills of a young man who is truly living out his dreams.

"I can say that as quickly as things have happened I'm just enjoying the ride," Camero told me.  Prior to the release he had already gotten attention for his vocal ability in his single WATCH ME and from his role in the BET show REED BETWEEN THE LINES. "I'm very proud to have found something like Reed Between The Lines and then be able to focus on my music. It's been great to hear the response that I have gotten so far. So rewarding."

Some might look at Camero and wonder how this has been able to happen to him. It's very obvious, though, that there would have been no other path that he would have taken. "I have always known there is something inside of me that would lead me to do great things one day," he says. "Something great was going to come out of it. My mother and grandmother always encouraged me to shoot for the stars. Because of that I knew I had to do me whether people like it or not."

One of Camero's strongest areas of support can be found through his social media family. I asked him how that has played a part in not just how he views his success but where he finds encouragement as well. "I can honestly say that the online community has been huge in my confidence to give the best of myself," he told me. "I could have never braced myself for the response I've gotten. For them to pay attention and want to know exactly who I am and what I'm doing means alot. That's why I try to respond to every tweet and every post. You got to remember that those people who are supporting you want to know that they matter. We would be nothing without that following."

Being a part of an industry that tries to conform you to its idea of how you should live your life, I asked Camero what keeps him from losing himself. "It's home," he answered. "Family brings me right back to where I need to be. Their honesty keeps me grounded and allows me to understand that I'm not perfect. There is also the realization that what comes quickly can go just as fast. It goes back to being thankful and always appreciating what people are doing for you."

When people look at how he is using his life and the music he is creating, Camero told me that he is already looking ahead to his legacy. "There's alot of music out here today that is not giving us something to focus on in general," he says. "It results in alot of behavior that is not conducive to making ourselves  better personally. I think we need more of that in music. I put a little bit of thought in the music to give you something to think about. You might enjoy the best, but you're understanding what I'm saying as well. By listening I hope it makes you a better person. That's my goal. I want to draw a purpose to everything that I create no matter what it is."

To stay in touch with Camero follow him on Twitter at You can also like his fan page on Facebook and visit his website His single TALK ABOUT IT is available where you get your music online.

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