Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Author Michael F. Blake: Taking Readers to the Holy City

by Cyrus Webb

For Michael F. Blake of Chicago, IL being a writer may not have been the first thing on his mind growing up, but his life experiences have definitely shown that he had a story that was meant to be told.

Today he is the author of the book THE HOLY CITY, the first in a trilogy that takes readers inside the lives of two brothers (Marcus and Christopher) and their choices which can lead to the highest of highs or destruction.

Blake gave Conversations LIVE an exclusive first interview about the journey from pain to print, and he shared not only what it has been like for him to achieve what he has as an author but what he wants readers to take away from the story.

ON BEING PUBLISHED: "It's been kind of surreal to be honest, especially not thinking about being a writer early in life and having to go through some trials and tribulations in order to see the talent I never knew I had. To be in print is really amazing."

ON THE SUPPORT HE'S RECEIVED: "Just for your family and friends to see you doing things on the positive side is a reward in itself. They have really supported me, and the love being shown has been extremely overwhelming."

ON THE STORYLINE: "I always had a movie in my head, but it seemed I never had the time to jot it down or even think about putting it on paper. It was during the dark time in my life that it came to me to write it down.  The story just started taking a life of its own. I let a few people read it, and they were intrigued and it really went from there."

ON MARCUS AND CHRISTOPHER: "For the brothers it was about survival. The characters come from a  real place for me. THE HOLY CITY shows the downfall of the street life but it is also about the choices you make. It's obvious that Marcus makes a choice that doesn't lead down the right road, but he doesn't want Christopher to make the same choice. Marcus sees this as his brother's opportunity to do something. He might not be the best person, but Marcus' good side wants his brother to do better for himself."

ON THE LESSONS: "None of us have to be defined by where we are from. There are some positives that can come out of anywhere. Even coming up in a rough neighborhood you can still rise above it and find your place in life and the world."

Stay in contact with Michael Blake by "liking" his Facebook Fan Page and following him on Twitter at You can also purchase autographed copies of his book THE HOLY CITY directly from his website at

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  1. Great article! Even better book... Can't wait for part 2!