Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bruce Tretter's "Gotta Eat, Can't Cook" Recipe: Tortilla Wraps

Tortilla Wraps

The recipe you see here for a cold or warm tortilla wrap is a purely text version of one of the step-by-step video and picture book recipes included in a free, fully capable book sample available at the iTunes store (just type either “bruce tretter” or “dorm room food” in the book search box).

Preparation Time: 1-2 minutes
Optional Cooking Time: about 45 seconds

(for 1 wrap)

1 Tortilla
Favorite Sliced or Grated Cheese
Favorite Cold Cuts
Topping (use your choice or combination of mustard, mayonnaise or favorite sandwich spread, hot sauce, relish, salsa and/or even plain yogurt or sour cream)
Microwave Oven Safe Plate
Table Knife

1. Spread an even layer of mayonnaise (or your favorite sandwich spread) over the entire tortilla, and put the tortilla on a microwave oven safe plate (if you’re planning to warm the tortilla wrap in the microwave oven).

2. Top with your choice or a combination of cheese, cold cuts, mustard, relish, salsa, and/or plain yogurt.

3. Roll up the tortilla, cut it in half, add an optional shot of hot sauce, and either have the tortilla wrap as is cold or put the tortilla wrap in the middle of the microwave oven and cook using HIGH heat or 100% power for 45 seconds. NOTE: Cooking time will vary depending on microwave watt output power. The tortilla wrap shown here was cooked in a 1200-watt microwave oven for 45 seconds. If your microwave oven puts out less watt power, cooking time will take a little longer. If your microwave oven puts out more watt power, cooking time will be shorter.

4. After cooking, carefully remove the cooked tortilla wrap from the microwave oven. The tortilla wrap is done when the cheese has melted.

To see a full picture demonstration of this recipe and so many others visit Bruce Tretter at

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