Sunday, June 23, 2013

Recording Artist Eric Dill: Stepping Into His Passion

by Cyrus Webb

We all know what it's like to not feel as though we belong. Though we might be surrounded by people who know our name there is something about feeling as though they really know YOU.

Recording artist Eric Dill knows this feeling well. Many around the world go to know him as the lead singer and face of the group The Click Five, but he was so much more than another guy in a group. Realizing that there was more for him to do and explore, Dill walked away from the group and ventured into his own world created by words that came from him. Part of that process is now seen in his single Wherever You Are. It's obvious in listening to the song and watching the video that he has not only step out on his own but stepped into his passion.

Dill and I discussed not just the transition from being a part of a group to going solo but the music that drew him from the very beginning. "I don't know when I realized it was a part of me," he said in our interview when talking about the music, "but I knew I loved it and was drawn to it."

Growing up as a shy kid the artist that has been places many people can only dream about says that he has always been an observer of people and things. It was through music, however, that he realized that he had something to say. "It has become a way for me to go beyond talking," he explained.

One thing that impressed me about Eric Dill is his realization of the responsibility that comes with any gift. "You have to be careful," he told me. "Everyone has something to say, but you want to make sure you have something worth saying and worth sharing. Music is that universal language that transcends actual words. You harness and expand on it, pushing those boundaries. Hopefully you put it back out in a sophisticated way." That is his hope with every release.

I was interested in how it felt for Dill to go from being a part of a group to stepping out on his own in a solo career. His answer to the question fascinated me. "While apart of The Click Five I felt lonely and alone. I was not in touch with the experience. It was kind of moving in its own way. The experience was amazing on one hand and unsatisfying on another hand. We were different people. We went from nothing to front and center. At the end of the day it wasn't so much can I do it by myself. It was more about growing and moving forward in my life."

Yes, for Dill it was about the music. Ironically he shared with me that he didn't really write for the group. As soon as he left The Click Five, though, he says he started writing almost immediately. "It was a positive experience," he shared. "The way I look at it, you keep moving and doing things. What was important for me was that I needed to make a record. It became about leaving some kind of legacy. It was all about continuing the music."

So what does Eric Dill want you to know about the power of passion? "What passion will do is keep you fueled, keep you motivated and push you into those places you need to be. You don't have to know exactly where you're going with it. There should be inspiration, and if you follow it then hopefully that passion will allow you to express something great." He then breaks it down this way: "The passion allows me to do things that others might not do. My love of music keeps me in music. You have to have that courage and the desire and the rest will follow."
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