Thursday, June 6, 2013

Keith Moody: Living His Life By Dreaming Out Loud

by Cyrus Webb

From the moment I found out that Keith Moody's CD was called DREAMING OUT LOUD I knew already that it was going to be something special---and I was right. Though not an actual track on the album, the artist is able to take that theme of seeing his dreams coming true and share them in each and every song on the project.

Doug Weber of New Ocean Media was kind enough to set up an opportunity for me to talk with Moody about his music, living the dream and the lessons learned along the way. Here are the highlights from that conversation.

KEITH MOODY ON LIVING THE DREAM: "Cyrus, I find it very rewarding to do what I love to do. I've dreamed of this since I was a kid. It makes you feel very fortunate and thankful for the opportunity you've been granted to do this."

KEITH MOODY ON THE POWER OF MUSIC: "It came in several stages.For me it started with listening. By listening to other performers I was able to see how they could take you to completely different place. I started writing poetry in Elementary School and all the way through High School. After that I learned to play and write. It allowed me to get alot of complex feelings out."

KEITH MOODY ON SHARING THE MUSIC: "It makes you feel as though you have found your place, your little niche in the universe that we live in. To know that something that came from your soul is benefiting others is so amazing. Here I am this guy who is doing what he loves and able to bring a lot of joy to people along the way. That's true happiness, and true happiness isn't something that you can necessarily buy.

KEITH MOODY ON THE DREAM: "You have those moments when you realize that what you're doing has outgrown your own selfish impulses. You start to look at how much you've grown and that if you give up now you are giving up on yourself."
KEITH MOODY ON INSPIRING OTHERS: "Look at me and see perseverance. Here's a guy that took an opportunity . The best thing about creativity is that you can do whatever you want. Instead of reaching for something that is not going to fulfill you, try to find a dream that makes you feel good. Don't worry about how it looks to anyone else. Be willing to step out and do it for yourself."

Keith Moody's DREAMING OUT LOUD is available wherever you purchase your music online. You can find out more information about him at He can also be found on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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