Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"The Sound of Les Getrex"

by:  D.C. White (with Tiffany Calhoun)

Les Getrex is considered one of the last bluesman.  His profound and authentic sound comes from his New Orleans roots as well as being one of the true musicians that still keeps the culture embedded into his music.  Although many have come before him and many will continue to follow after him, Mr. Getrex's style of performing sets him apart.  You may catch him walking through the audience as he sings "Alvina" while wooing all the ladies or he just may be sitting on the stage playing his guitar with every emotion running through his body, including the pain of the blues.

The sound of Les Getrex is a must hear and the Les Getrex show is a must see.  Sharing the stage and recording studio with the likes of Fats Domino, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Barbara George, Marva Wright and Rockin' Dopsie, you can truly say that Getrex has come a long way.  Les tours overseas twice a year performing hits from his latest album entitled "Les Getrex Sings The Classics".  This album is a tetestamentf how gifted and talented he is.  He covers songs from Ray Charles to Otis Redding, two of his favorite artists.  You will also find traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras songs such as "Indian Red".

Getrex is simply unpredictable when it comes to his ranges and styles.  Recently, I caught up with him during his Saturday afternoon set at the Gazebo Cafe, located in the famous French Market / French Quarter area in New Orleans.  His performance, along with the cool breeze and great food, was like a breath of fresh air.  He was in his element and was truly having a great time.  When asked if he has any plans on retiring from the business anytime soon, Getrex answered "What is time? I am time.  I will continue doing what I love until I die.  There is no retiring for me."

D. C. White is a contributor for Conversations Magazine and the founder of History Records and Entertainment. White also serves as a Producer for "Conversations with Cyrus Webb" televisions how. You can reach him at and find out more information about him at

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