Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Daved Beck: Setting Fire to the World Through Love

by Cyrus Webb

In a world that is full of darkness it is a real pleasure to introduce individuals who are all about sharing light. One of such examples is author and life coach Daved Beck.

It's been a real pleasure to watch Daved touch the world through social media and his daily posts, and I recently invited him back to Conversations LIVE to talk about what it has been like to impact the lives of individuals in a positive way. "It's a dream come true," he told me with a laugh. "To help someone live in their passion and be the gift they were meant to be while here (on earth) is an honor."

As a life coach Daved has opened up the door for individuals to learn how they can get out of their own way and live life free. He wants them to know, however, that they are not alone. "I still go there," he told me when discussing the emotions we all feel and situations that we all face. He shared that he has pondered the value of life for himself. What has helped him? Love! "To come to that place of what it is I love doing and what people get out of it" helps to keep him inspired. "It's not for us to judge what is right for someone else." How do you know when something is right for you, you might ask? Daved's answer is this: "Whatever it is we're doing it has to ignite our soul. It's like a fire. It's that passion within that calls to you."

We've all been there: feeling as though no one understands what we are going through. Daved says that just the opposite is true. "We're not on this planet alone. We're all working together in some capacity. It's about becoming aware of if we're living in fear or in love. Life is about treating ourselves with respect, dignity and honor."

This means that we have to learn to embrace the gift of being able to help others. That's exactly what Daved is able to do through coaching. "Life coaching is about being that reflection back," he explains. "For me it's about supporting someone in accomplishing their goals and dreams from the inside out." Before he could help others, though, Daved had to recognize who he was. "It began by doing my own personal work," he says. "It's not about fixing or saving someone. It's being there to support someone in moving through their fears in a place of love."

Though he does in-person events and counseling the platform that is the internet has been a huge tool in helping Daved accomplish his work. When talking about what he is able to do through social media he shared this: "If one person has read my post and it has touched them then I have done my job." He says it's all about "having a vision and following the whisper of love."

So where do we begin in our own lives? Daved says it starts with a simple truth. "Every day we are a work in progress and the work continues," he says. "Knowing that we're all the same and we're so unique" is another part of the process. "We all have our own heart, soul and spirit. It's becoming aware and walking the talk." David says we have to 'own our own stuff and then move forward.'

Regardless of where you might be in the process, Daved Beck wants you to know that success is yours to have. "My hope is for everyone to stand in the truth of who they are and to speak. We are all teachers as well as students. To share your voice is to speak truth. It's ok to work on those challenges to become a better you, becoming more of the gift that you are in the world. "

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