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Sunday, June 23, 2013

TO YOU, FROM ME: Learning From Visionaries

I am someone who has always been inspired by the creative process. When I look at the road map that others have taken, how they have dealt with disappointments and the challenges they faced, it has always helped me to remember that success may not come easy but hard work and dedication does pay off.

In this issue of Conversations Magazine we are able to showcase two individuals that are not just inspiring the world but helping others to change the way they see themselves: Oprah Winfrey and Devon Franklin.

For me, Oprah has been an example for some time of what is possible for each of us, regardless of where we are from. When she began her network, one of the shows that really spoke to me was called Visionaries. Through it we are given a rare glimpse into the brilliance behind some of the most creative individuals around. Included among those profiled have been four influential men: Tyler Perry, Tom Ford, James Cameron and Each of them seem at the top of their game, but the journey that got them to that point wasn't always an easy one.

I think by taking a look at the road they have traveled it will give us some insight into what we can do in our own lives:

IDENTIFYING THE DREAM: This is one of the most important steps for a visionary because it's the point where you actually articulate what you want. Each of those profiled on the series had to figure out what they wanted before they could actually start the process of achieving it. This doesn't mean that it won't change or even expand, but it has to begin somewhere.

KEEP IT YOU: This was something that really stood out to me. In order to make sure you don't tire of your dream and abandon it, you want to keep it true to who you are and what you can best represent. Nobody likes a phony, and if it appears you are just doing something to please others or what you believe others will want then it will be difficult to be authentic while doing it.

NURTURE THE BRAND: You can't just sit idly by once you have gotten a taste of success. It is a continual process that will require some long nights, difficult decisions and the drive to push yourself again and again. None of those in the series has been content with just one triumph. I believe it is because they realize that they are only as good as their last great idea.

As you consider the three points above ask yourself this: Have I started doing the work to bring my own vision to life? That is the only thing that separates us from those who are seeing the fruit of their labor. They were willing to do the work. May we find the courage to do the same, and inspire the next generation of visionaries along the way.

Cyrus A. Webb, Editor-In-Chief
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