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Monday, June 3, 2013

Living Without Impossibilities

by Jerome Cooper

Life is filled with challenges and test each day of our lives.  It is up to each of us an individual how we respond to those difficulties.  How we respond to those daily challenges and tests in our lives began from with ourselves.

I like the scripture in Mark 9:23 that say, “If you can believe, all things are possible”.  The power is in your hand to live life without and beyond impossibilities.  How is that so? It is embedded in your belief.  What do you believe?  Do you believe it is possible to live life without impossibilities or not?  Should you as an individual say yes or no, your belief and saying is demonstrated by action.  Your belief builds on your surrounding environment.  If the environment you are surrounded with says no, you will actually believe that.  If your environment says yes, you will believe that and be determined about it.

If living without impossibilities is influenced by your environment; therefore, it requires you to hang around individuals that are strong and positive.  Luke 8:18 says, “Consider carefully how you listen”.  You have to be careful in your environment to protect how and what you hear.   It affects your belief as to how you think even when it comes to living without impossibilities.  You to have the Apostle Paul attitude when he told the church at Philippi, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”.  People will often say that it is ultimately up to God.  They fail to realize that God is not going to do anything without their help.

I say to you, dare to live life without impossibilities!

Jerome Cooper is the author of A DUAL BLESSING: Body and Success, the Battle with Self: Inner Strength and A Spiritual Compilation: Body, Success, and Love. You can find out more about Jerome at

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